Topping up Your Account Balance


Topping up Your Account Balance

Last updated September 13th, 2010

This functionality can be used to pay invoices, put credit in place for required services such as purchasing or renewing domains.

Note: You can also configure your account to automatically top-up when the it drops below a specified balance.

Step by Step

Follow these steps to top up your account balance:

  1. In the My Account module click "Top-up Account".

  2. Using a previously stored credit card: In the "Saved cards" section select the card you want to use and type in the amount you want to top up by. Click "Pay now" in the "Saved cards" section. See Figure 1

  3. If you have not stored a credit card, or you want to pay and store a new card: Fill out the details of the card you want to top up with under the heading "Card details". You can check the "Save card for future use?" checkbox to store the card if you wish. You can subsequently manage your saved cards in the credit cards section. Click "Pay now". See Figure 1

Figure 1

Top up account

Automatic Account Top-up →

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