Managing IP Addresses

Each server comes with one IPv4 address and one IPv6 address by default. You can optionally add more IP addresses to your server from the server details page. Each additional IPv4 address will incur an additional monthly fee, IPv6 is free. To manage your IP addresses, click on the "Manage IP Addresses" button.

Adding IP Addresses or Changing the Primary

Upon clicking the "Manage IP Addresses" button, you will be able to add a new IP address or set an existing one as the primary IP address for the server.

Remove an IP Address

To remove an IP address, click the red cross next to the corresponding IP address that you would like to remove. Please ensure that no existing services are using the IP address that you are removing.

Updating Reverse DNS

To update the Reverse DNS of an IP address, click on the red text under the "Reverse DNS" column. You will then be prompted to enter a new Reverse DNS entry for the IP address you selected:

Updating Network Configurations

In order for your server to begin responding to changes made to IP addresses, you will need to update the network configuration on the server itself. For pointers on how to update the network configuration please see the following links:

Do I need to reboot my server for changes to take place?

Your changes made to IP addresses should start working immediately, without needing to reboot, after performing the above tasks. However, if you have added an IP address via the Control Panel, and have not yet rebooted your server, it is extremely important that your next reboot is done via the Control Panel, not via the command line.

For this reason you may decide to perform a reboot via the Control panel, immediately after adding an IP address. Future reboots can then be performed via the command line, and your new IP will continue to work.