Swap on Renewal

You're likely looking at renewing one of your domains and are curious what the option to swap to us means.

We have finally become an internationally accredited registrar. In other words, we are now able to offer international domains directly to you.

When renewing a domain that's using an old, upstream registry which we could support directly, you can choose to swap the domain to us. This simply requires your approval - we will handle the process for you.

Please note that this involves a domain transfer, but this does not mean the domain will change from us. We are transferring it between back-end systems; there's no risk of you losing your domain.

If your domain is locked, we will unlock it for you during the swap process. This is a requirement for the swap to be successful.

What does this mean?

We are currently working to swap certain domains over to us already. You may have already noticed that some of your domains now display a warning, as one of our upstream providers has deprecated the API we use.

Since we can no longer manage these domains for you, we have opted to swap them directly to us. We are also allowing you to swap any domains we can support early, to avoid this issue further down the line.

When swapping to us, your domain will be renewed for a year.

This process typically takes a week to complete. For this reason we are unable to swap any domains that are a week away from expiring.

By choosing this option you're helping us consolidate systems and enabling us to offer you better support moving forward; and for that, we thank you!

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