Privacy Protection

When Domain Privacy Protection is applied, the contact details that are recorded for your domain are hidden from public view. Without Privacy Protection, a WHOIS lookup reveals the email addresses that are associated with your domain.

Privacy Protection is available for .nz domains free of charge. For international domains, such as .com, we offer Privacy Protection at a cost of $10 + GST per year. Please contact SiteHost support if you would like to enable Privacy Protection for your international domains.

Check whether Privacy Protection is applied to a domain

On the main Domains screen, you’ll see padlock alongside .nz domains that have active Privacy Protection. domain-privacy

Switch Privacy Protection on (or off)

  1. From the Domains screen, select the domain you want to protect. This opens the domain’s Overview screen.
  2. To switch Privacy Protection on (or off), click Privacy Protection near the top-right corner.
  3. In the pop-up window, click the button to confirm your decision.
  4. The Privacy Protection Status field will update.