Viewing Server Statistics

The graphs section of the servers module allows you to monitor key metrics of a server over time – metrics such as CPU usage, Network Traffic and Disk Activity. You can use these graphs to help determine if you need to upgrade, or to analyse server resources and activity.

In most cases, graph data for a VPS is actually collected by the host server, not from inside your VPS. This means that you do not need to install any additional software or tools on your server to get these graphs. Graph data typically becomes available a few minutes after provisioning a VPS. To view these graphs, click the "Graphs" link on the details page for your server, by default, you will see graphs for the last hour. Use the drop down to select different time periods

Key Features

  • The charts will automatically refresh every minute, scrolling the plotted data across as new data becomes available. You do not need to refresh your page.
  • You can turn individual metrics on and off by clicking on their name in the legend. This is a very handy method for zooming in on a specific metric - turn off the others and the chart will re-scale.
  • Mouse over each data-point for additional details (see the CPU usage graph above)
  • You can print a chart by clicking the "Printer" icon (top right of each graph)
  • You can jump to this help page by clicking the "Help" icon (top right of each graph)

Additional Notes

  • The number and types of charts shown for your server will depend on the type of server you have, what SiteHost services you have purchased, and how your server has been configured.
  • Gaps in the graphs can occur when your server is powered off or restarting, or the host server could not collect your server metrics for a period of time due to resource allocation.
  • The graphs are built using JavaScript, please ensure JavaScript is enabled in order to see the graphs.