Adding a Virtual Server

Adding a new Virtual Server to your SiteHost account involves the following steps:

  1. Log in to the SiteHost Control Panel.
  2. Click the "Add Service" button top/right.
  3. Choose the Server Product that you want to provision (typically a VPS).
  4. Enter a Name for your Server.
  5. Choose the Location.
    • At present there are three locations. Our Auckland Central (NZ) facility, our Auckland North Shore (NZ) facility and our Sydney (AU) facility. If you're unsure which location to select, we generally recommend the one closest to the majority of your customers.
  6. Choose the Image and Operating System that you want to use. Changing the Image may affect the Plans and Pricing, especially if switching between Linux and Windows images.
  7. Specify your IP Address preferences.
  8. Specify any SSH Keys you want added to your server (if applicable).
  9. Choose any Additional Services you want to enable for your server such as Server Management or Automated Backups.
    • We highly recommend enabling Automated Backups. Trust us, this will likely save you a lot of time and pain in the long run.
  10. Click the "Provision Server" button. You will be informed on the progress of the provisioning on the next screen.

Add a new VPS