SSH Key Syncing & Imported Keys

If you select an SSH key for your SSH User that's been added via our Control Panel, that key will automatically get pushed to your Cloud Container. This also means that if you update an existing key, all Cloud Container users with that key will also be updated - making maintaining your SSH keys or revoking access quick and easy.

Imported SSH Keys

This syncing also works in reverse. For example if our support team has to manually add an SSH key to a user directly on your server, it will be imported into your account automatically. This ensures the Control Panel accurately reflects the state of your server and you know exactly what SSH keys are on your server.

SSH keys that are imported from the server and not added via the Control Panel will be denoted with the name cc-import- and have a (?) symbol next to them. This indicates that they have been auto-imported into our system. You can modify them like you would any other key.

We recommend reviewing your SSH Users and SSH Keys every now and then to ensure that access and privileges are correct and up to date.