WHOIS Lookup

WHOIS commonly refers to a tool used to query the details of a specific domain name in the register. Typically, WHOIS queries are subject to terms that forbid the use of multiple queries to download part, or all, of the register for a targeted contact campaign or any other purpose.

SiteHost allows users to perform a WHOIS query on the domains managed by the SiteHost Control Panel. You can also use it to perform a WHOIS on other domains if required.

Steps to Perform a WHOIS lookup

There are two ways to perform a WHOIS Lookup:

  1. From the list of Domains, in the grid, click the WHOIS link (see screenshot below).
    • This will automatically perform a WHOIS on the listed domain.
  2. In the left menu, under Domains, select the WHOIS sub-module.
    • You can then type in the domain you want to lookup.

List of Domains with WHOIS