Catch-All Addresses

By default, the SiteHost mail servers deliver each incoming email message to the inbox of the specified recipient. If the message is addressed to an unknown recipient that is, to a user who does not exist in your domain, the mail server bounces the message back to the sender. This is the preferred behavior for most users as mailboxes and forwarders can be set up for all email addresses that are required.

However we allow you change this default behaviour by instructing the mail server to forward mail for unknown recipients to a valid email address. This is known as a Catch-All Address or a Wildcard Address.

Steps to Enable a Catch-All Address

  1. When logged in to the Control Panel, click on Email in the left menu.
  2. From the list of email domains, select the domain that the you would like to set up the catch-all address for.
  3. Select the Domain Settings navigation tab.
  4. Under the Catch-all address field, select the option Forward messages to:.
  5. Type in the full email address that you want the messages sent to. This email address can be any valid email.
  6. Click Save changes to set the catch-all.

The Catch-All can also be disabled by selecting Bounce the Message option instead.