Domain Redirects

This functionality allows you to redirect a domain to another website. You can setup a redirect from a domain (e.g. or any subdomain (e.g. to another URL. Redirects are managed through the Domains > Redirects sub-module.

There are two types of redirects supported in this module:

  1. 301 Moved Permanently
  2. 302 Moved Temporarily

In order to use the Redirects in the SiteHost Control Panel, the domain's name servers must be pointed at SiteHost's Name Servers, and the DNS Zone must not be using a zone template.

Steps to Create a URL Redirect

  1. Go to the Domains module, and click Redirects in the left menu.
  2. Click the Add Redirect button top/right.
  3. Enter the Source URL.
  4. Choose the Redirection Type.
  5. Enter the Destination URL.

Example Domain Redirect

Redirects will take effect once the DNS records have propagated. This time is dependent on the TTL set for the zone (default 60 minutes).

Extended Examples

Catch-all Redirect:
Paths that don't match other rules will use this rule.

Root-only Redirect:
This rule only matches the url and

Path Redirect: and
Redirects only and respectively. Uses the most specific path first.

Wildcard Redirect:**
This rule redirects all URLs starting with and passes the remaining path to

For example: