Resetting Windows Administrator Password

Follow these steps to reset your Windows server password:

  1. Put your Windows VPS into Rescue Mode.
  2. Open the Server Console (refer to this article for help with accessing your server).
  3. Follow the prompts as they appear until you get to the "System Recovery Options" screen. Then click "Next >" (see screenshot).
  4. Select "Microsoft Diagnostics & Recovery Toolset" (see screenshot).
  5. Select "Locksmith" (see screenshot).
  6. Select "Next >" (see screenshot).
  7. Enter your new Administrator password and click "Next >" (see screenshot). Note: The password you set here is only temporary - you will be prompted to change the password again when you next successfully login to your server.
  8. Now click "Finish", then "Close" the Diagnostics & Recovery Toolset window and "Shut Down" your VPS (see screenshot).
  9. Close the VPS Console and Disable Rescue Mode. Your Windows VPS will boot. Open the VPS Console again.
  10. Login to your VPS using the password you set. You will now be prompted to enter a new password (see screenshot).

Figure 1

System Recovery Options

Figure 2

Microsoft Diagnostics & Recovery Toolset

Figure 3


Figure 4

Next >

Figure 5

Enter new Administrator Password

Figure 6

Shut Down

Figure 7

Login and enter new password