Managing a Virtual Server

If we're not managing your server for you you'll need to update, patch it, install packages and generally maintain it yourself. Many of these tasks can be done directly on the server via SSH or RDP but the Control Panel also has a few things that will be useful. To view them all head to Servers » Your Server and explore to see what options are available. Below we will outline a few helpful things to know:

Rebooting, Upgrading, and Shutting Down

You can alter the state of your server at any time through the Control Panel, including Rebooting, Upgrading, Shutting Down and putting the server in Rescue Mode. It's always best to perform these actions through the Control Panel especially when making configuration changes to ensure the expected results. Upgrading your server allows you to move the next plan which will provide more CPU, Memory and Disk Space, but you can also directly add more disk space at any time.

Be aware taking these actions may result in downtime for your server, but you will always be warned with a confirmation screen before doing so.

Adding Disk Space Alerts

You never want to run out of disk space on your server as it can lead to performance issues and outages so if you're managing it yourself we recommend setting up some alerts to notify you should you become close to running out.

On the details page for a server, you will see a drop down box alongside each of the disks that your server has. You will be able to adjust the threshold at which you will receive alerts for low disk space by selecting a value from the list.

Activity Logs / History

If you ever want to check when an action was taken on the server such as when an upgrade took place the History is the best place to look. While it only logs actions taken through the Control Panel (we can't record what happens on the server itself) they can still be a useful record to review.

Deleting a Server

A server can be removed from your account at any time by clicking "Delete" on the details page of the server you wish to remove. Please note that servers under a contract term, or servers that are managed by us cannot be deleted automatically, you will need to contact support instead.

While you will be prompted to confirm whether or not you wish to proceed with deleting a server please take care, deleting the wrong server can lead to lengthy outages and be time consuming or expensive to recover.