Our Cloud Container platform makes it easy for you deploy, run, and maintain a single website or hundreds. It's a better way of hosting your websites and applications, while still having the performance and security of your own virtual server. The cornerstone of the platform is the container architecture, which makes it simple to run completely independent environments for each of your websites.

When creating a container you select an ‘image’ to use for that website or application. We offer a plethora of images out of the box but you can also build your own. This means you can run one website on Apache + PHP 8 right next to another website running NGINX + Python, or .NET or Ruby or Mongo DB or Redis – you get the idea.

There are plenty of other benefits too:

  • Each container has independent settings for things like Apache, as well as their own logs, backups and cron jobs.
  • You can easily Clone or Overwrite containers, to make a new staging environment, or test some changes.
  • SSL is built in and can be enabled with just a click.
  • Changing the image a container is running takes a couple of clicks so for example switching a PHP version takes seconds.
  • And much more...

There's more information on our website, but the best thing to do is try it out yourself. We're confident you'll love Cloud Containers, they completely change how you think about hosting.