Private Cloud

With your own Private Cloud you get to make the rules. Provision servers within minutes and allocate resources to them as you like, don’t worry about plans or pricing, just deploy what you need. Private Cloud is completely integrated with our tools and control panel out of the box. You can provision servers, assign resources, view usage graphs and more with an easy to use interface.

How to Add a Private Cloud

We customise our Private Cloud platform to each customer's needs, it is not possible to provision a Private Cloud through our Control Panel. If you are interested in setting up a Private Cloud, please get in touch with our sales team at

Managing Your Private Cloud

Your Private Cloud server(s) will appear alongside your other servers in the Servers module (accessed through clicking Servers in the left menu). From there you can view the graphs and backups.

Adding Servers to a Private Cloud

You can add Cloud Container Servers or Virtual Servers to your Private Cloud by following the steps in the linked article but changing the location to your Private Cloud instead of one of the SiteHost locations. This will allow you to add as many servers as you like (and the hardware can handle) without adding subscriptions for them.