Auto-Renew Domains

If you don't want to manually renew your domains, you can set them up to be renewed automatically.

Toggle Auto-Renew On / Off

When looking at the list of all your domains, you can simply toggle the Auto-Renew option On and Off next to each domain. When you use this option, your default Domain Auto-Renew Settings will be applied (see below). Too easy.

Toggle On or Off in the list of domains

Please ensure that you have sufficient credit in your account at the time of the auto-renewal or it will not proceed. You will be notified if the auto-renewal cannot take place due to insufficient funds, in which case, you should top up your account asap so the auto-renewal can be processed again the following day.

Custom Auto-Renew Settings Per Domain

If you want to configure the auto-renew settings on a per-domain basis, just follow these steps:

  1. Select the Domain you want to customise from the list.
  2. Select the Auto-Renew Settings tab.
  3. Choose your options for how long to renew the domain, and when.
  4. Click the Save Changes button.

Custom Auto-Renew Settings

Default Auto-Renew Settings

These settings are found in the Account > Preferences and are applied by default when you enable Auto-Renew for a domain.

Default Domain Auto-Renew Settings found in Account > Preferences

Domain Renewal Confirmation Emails

By default when a domain is renewed a confirmation email will be sent to the registrant contact. You can disable this email in your Account > Preferences.