Authenticated SMTP

Customers who have their mail hosted through SiteHost but aren't sending mail from a VPS can use our Authenticated SMTP server to send mail from their domain.

In order to protect our users from spam related issues all email accounts are rate limited to 250 email messages (recipients) per day. Any emails sent in excess of the 250 limit will be rejected by the mail server. If you are likely to exceed this on a regular basis please contact SiteHost Support to discuss your requirements.

SMTP Settings

  • SMTP Server:
  • Port: 465
  • Username: the full email address, e.g.
    • Email addresses based on an alias will not work, it must be the master email address.
  • Password: the password as created in the SiteHost Control Panel or as supplied to you.

Please note the username and password will be exactly the same as the settings for your incoming mail. Ensure your mail client is configured to use authentication on outbound mail.

Security Settings

SiteHost uses SSL encryption as a standard on email traffic. This protects your login credentials and the contents of your emails as traffic is exchanged between the mail server and your local email software.

Ensure that you have configured your email software to use SSL in the account settings.