Automatic Account Top-ups


Automatic Account Top-ups

Last updated April 12th, 2012

You can configure your account to automically top-up the balance. This can be set to occur:

  1. Whenever the balance drops below a pre-configured amount, or
  2. Only when auto-renewing a domain and the account needs more funds in order to process the renewal

Step by Step

Follow these steps to configure your automatic top-up settings:

  1. In the My Account module click "Account Preferences".

  2. Scroll down until you see the section entitled "Automatic account top-up".

  3. Choose to top-up whenever your balance drops below X amount, or only auto-topup as part of a automated domain renewal process.

  4. Specify the Minimum Balance - if your account balance is below this amount then the auto-topup will occur

  5. Specify the Top-up Amount - the amount to be charged to your credit card and added to your SiteHost account balance

  6. Choose which Credit Card to charge

  7. Press "Update preferences"

Figure 1

Top up account

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