Add A Mailbox


Add A Mailbox

Last updated July 20th, 2012

Now that a mail domain has been enabled, mailboxes can be added to it.

Steps to add a Mailbox

Follow the steps below to add a mailbox:

  1. If you have just added a new mail domain then you will be taken to the add mailbox page automatically, otherwise click on your domain name from the list of domains, then click "Add email address".

  2. Fill in the name of the account (see Figure 1)

  3. Specify the email address. If you are adding an email address for you don't need to type the whole email address, just type "joe" - ie. the part before

  4. Enter the password.

  5. Click the "Add user account" button to create the mailbox for this user.

Figure 1 Add mailbox

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