Add Forwarders


Add Forwarders

Last updated July 20th, 2012

With forwarders set up, any emails sent to the account will be automatically forwarded to the specified addresses (which may be any valid address). Copies of the email can optionally be copied to the existing mailbox if required.

There are two different ways of setting up forwarders, depending on how the existing mailboxes are setup:

  • A forwarder can be defined for an existing mailbox. A mailbox is an account on the mail server that can be accessed using email software or SiteHost Webmail.

  • A forwarder can be defined for an email addresses in the domain that has no actual mailbox. (This is useful if the email will never be accessed using email software or webmail). This is the easiest option for simply forwarding messages to another address.

Steps to add a forwarder for an existing Mailbox

Follow the steps below to add a forwarder for a mailbox:

  1. Click on your mailbox name from the list of email addresses.

  2. Click on "Forwarding" from the list of Mailbox options.

  3. Click the "Add forwarder" link.

  4. Type the full email address you would like to forward to. (see Figure 1)

  5. If you would like to keep a copy of the forwarded messages in the Mailbox, select "Keep Copy".

  6. Click "Save changes" to add the forwarder.

Figure 1 Add forwarder for mailbox

Steps to add a forwarder without a Mailbox

Follow the steps below to add a forwarder without creating a mailbox:

  1. From the list of all email addresses, click "Add email address".

  2. Rather than creating a new mailbox, scroll down to where it says "Forwarder". (see Figure 2)

  3. Fill in the email address that you want to forward (just type the part before

  4. Fill in the "Forward to" address. This is the full email address where you would like the messages to be forwarded to.

  5. Click "Add forwarder" to save the forwarder.

Figure 2 Add forwarder

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