Setting an Auto-Responder


Setting an Auto-Responder

Last updated January 21st, 2015

If you know you will be unable to access your email for a few days or more, you may wish to set up an Auto-Responder. This feature is also commonly referred to as a "Vacation Auto-Reply".

An Auto-Responder is used to automatically reply to emails with a message you specify — so when somebody sends you an email while you are away, they will automatically receive your predefined response.

The Auto-Responder can be enabled and disabled at any time. While the Auto-Responder is enabled, recipients will only receive your automatic response once per day.

Step by Step

  1. Click the "Settings" button in the main navigation:


  2. Click on "Auto-Responder" from the list of sections:


  3. Type the message you would like to have sent as your automatic response.

  4. Select the "Enabled" option from the status drop down and then click the "Save" button:


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