What are SSH Keys?


What are SSH Keys?

Last updated February 2nd, 2015

SSH Keys are a more secure method for authenticating with a Linux server than traditional password authentication methods. One of the biggest disadvantages of passwords are that they are susceptible to brute force attacks. When an SSH key is configured correctly, you'll be able to log into your servers much more easily without the need to enter a password.

As a user, you can generate a public/private key pair and then place the public half of the key on a remote system. That remote system is then able to authenticate you, or prove that you are really you, and allow you to login just by having you demonstrate that you have access to the private half of the key pair. This is done at the protocol level inside SSH and all happens automatically.

Please refer to our article on managing SSH keys for help with configuring SSH keys to use with your SiteHost servers.

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