What is a Hosting Company responsible for?


What is a Hosting Company responsible for?

Last updated August 14th, 2014

Your Server and Hosting

Keeping our customers servers online and performing well is at the core of what we do, and your servers are no different. We take care of all hardware maintenance, network maintenance, monitoring our network, and looking after our virtualisation platform.

Your Website or Application

Support is important to us and we're available 24/7 if there are any issues with the environments we have provisioned.  Unfortunately, the amount of support we can offer for applications and packages that you have installed is limited.

Managed Hosting

If you'd like more coverage we also have ‘Managed Solutions’ available, which include doing server security updates for you and monitoring your website to ensure it’s online. We’ll even get up at 3AM to help get your website back online if it goes down. If you’re interested in the extra peace of mind a managed server will give you, simply get in touch and we can run some options by you.

Support Summary

SiteHost provides technical support to our customers via our Support Ticket system. The following are our guidelines when providing support: SiteHost provides support related to your SiteHost virtual server physically functioning. SiteHost does not offer technical support for application specific issues such as application configuration, programming, web or mail server configuration, or any other such issue. SiteHost does not provide technical support to your customers.

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