Why has my International domain transfer failed?


Why has my International domain transfer failed?

Last updated April 17th, 2018

Important: This is an endeavour to explain a non-standardised process. The thoughts conveyed outline how International domain transfers work for most registrars, but may not cover all.

There are a few reasons why a domain transfer could fail, including:

  1. In order to complete the transfer, an e-mail is sent to the registrant e-mail address for confirmation. If you did not receive this email, or failed to confirm the transfer, then the authorisation has likely timed out. You will need to check your domain contact details are correct and try again.

  2. If you have recently registered or transferred your domain-name to your current registrar, it may not be able to be transferred to SiteHost until it has been with the current registrar for 60 days. Try again later.

  3. Your domain-name may have expired during the transfer process. If so, you will need to renew the domain with your old registrar and try again. You may transfer it after you renew it, but if you transfer it within 60 days of renewing an expired domain-name, it will not be renewed for another 12 months on transfer, and you will still need to pay for your renewal for an additional 12 months.

  4. Your contact information may be considered to be invalid or incorrect.

  5. The e-mail address on record for the registrant with the old registrar is out of date, so the authorization e-mail could not be sent. You will need to make sure the e-mail address on record with your old registrar is correct before attempting the transfer.

  6. If you have recently changed the contact details against the domain, registrars will often not let you transfer the domain within the first 60 days.

  7. Some registrars require the EPP to have been valid for a minimum of 48 hours before they initiate the transfer. Thus you may allow at least 24 hours if the newly generated EPP is rejected as invalid.

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