Why do my invoices have a charge for GST?


Why do my invoices have a charge for GST?

Last updated January 18th, 2016

GST (goods and services tax) is compulsory in New Zealand so all residents and business must pay it. However, if you, or your business, are not based in New Zealand and you do not pay tax here, you do not need to pay GST.

Disabling GST on your account can be done through the Control Panel. Once logged in, click 'My Account' and then the 'Address Details' menu option.

You will then be presented with the address details screen as shown below. On this screen enter your full current address, including the country. If the address is outside of New Zealand you will be presented with a checkbox at the bottom of the form which when ticked applies GST to your account. Simply un-tick this and you will not be charged GST on any future transactions.


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