What is direct debit and how can I set it up?


What is direct debit and how can I set it up?

Last updated January 8th, 2015

Direct Debit is an easy and convenient way to pay for your hosting. Your monthly bill will be paid automatically on the due date, plus there aren't any transaction fees that you would normally get with a credit card.

How does Direct Debit work?

We will send you your monthly bill approximately 7 days before the due date, so you'll know the amount owing. On the due date of the bill, we will deduct the full amount owing from your bank account.

If you want to query the amount on your bill, contact us before the payment due date. We won't debit any money from your account until the query is resolved. You can still question a bill after the payment date.

How do I setup Direct Debit?

You can set up your Direct Debit online in the Direct Debit section under the "My Account" module within the SiteHost Control Panel:

Direct Debits

Once you have filled in the account details we will process a $1 transaction (typically overnight), with a specific reference code that will need to be entered into our system to confirm that you have authority over the account supplied.

The code can be entered into the following box which will appear on the same page once we have processed your Direct Debit request:

Direct Debits

When you have completed the setup process for Direct Debit, you'll need to ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account on the 'payment due date' to cover the due amount shown on your bill. The payment request will be rejected if there are insufficient funds in your account and you may be charged fees by your bank to cover any administration costs incurred.

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