Upgrading a server


Upgrading a server

Last updated June 27th, 2014

To begin upgrading a server, click the "Upgrade" button on the details page for the server:


Upgrading the plan

To upgrade the plan for a server, select the new plan you wish to upgrade to and click the "Upgrade Plan" button.

The plan that is initially selected will be the plan that your server is currently on.

Upgrade Plan

Upgrading individual items

To upgrade the cores, memory or disks for a server, select the upgrade options and then click the "Apply Upgrades" button:

Upgrade Individual Items

Cloud Hosting upgrades

Please note that when upgrading a Cloud Hosting server, you will be prompted to schedule these upgrades as they must be performed by one of our engineers:

Upgrade Individual Items

Important Notes

  1. If you are upgrading the memory or cores on a VPS you will need to reboot the server for the new upgrade changes to take place.

  2. If you upgrade the storage on a VPS you will be prompted to "commit" your changes before the resizing will take place – this will then reboot the VPS automatically.

  3. The individual upgrades options that are available depend on the plan that the server is on.

  4. If you want to decrease the storage space of your server you will need to contact us at support@sitehost.co.nz.

  5. If the upgrades you are requesting are not available on this page please contact us at support@sitehost.co.nz.

  6. During the upgrade process for a VPS, you may be requested to migrate your server if there are insufficient resources available on the host server. This will require shutting down the server for a number of minutes while the migration takes place.

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