Accessing a server


Accessing a server

Last updated June 27th, 2014

Once a server has finished provisioning, there are various ways in which you will be able to log into it.

Secure Shell (SSH) Access

If you have a Linux VPS, SSH access will be automatically enabled by default.

For more information on logging in using SSH, please read our article: How do I log in using SSH?

Server Console

The Server Console is a browser-based console available from within our Control Panel. The Server Console is the most reliable way of accessing your server and can be used to watch the server while it is booting up or performing recovery tasks. At this stage, the Server Console is only available for Windows VPS servers.

To access the Server Console, click the "Console" button on the details page for your server:

Server Console

You will require a supported browser with JavaScript enabled in order to use the Server Console. The following browsers are supported: Google Chrome, Firefox 3.6 or newer, Safari, Opera 11 or newer, Internet Explorer 9 or newer.

Server Console

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is the proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft for accessing another computer remotely. It is typically faster than the Server Console but your experience can still be affected by connection latency.

To connect to your server using the Remote Desktop Protocol, you will require a Remote Desktop client such as the official one provided by Microsoft for both Windows and OS X:

Remote Desktop Client

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