Creating a Database


Creating a Database

Last updated September 13th, 2010

This article describes how to create a new MySQL database using the "MySQL Databases" module of the SiteHost Control Panel.

Step by Step

Follow these steps to create a database:

  1. Click "All MySQL servers", then click the server on which you want to create the database.

  2. Click the "Add" button above the list of databases, or the "Add database" link under MySQL options, or the button top/right. See Figure 1.

  3. Enter the name of the database you wish to create, then click the "Add database" button below the database name. Note: You will be asked for another name if a database of the same name already exists.

  4. You will be asked to assign a user to the database you just created. If you have previously set up users on this database server, select the name of the user you wish to add to the database from the drop-down list. If the list is empty, you will need to create a user which can be done by clicking the 'Create' button and then following the instructions for creating a new database user.

  5. For 'Host', type in the location of the MySQL database server. If you're unsure of what to type, leave it as 'localhost'.

  6. Select the privileges you wish to grant to the user on the given database. An explanation of the privileges available and their effects is available on the MySQL website.

  7. Click the 'Add user to database' button to confirm and apply.

Figure 1

Add database

Figure 2

Add database

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