Phone Support PIN


Phone Support PIN

Last updated January 30th, 2018

The phone support PIN is a temporary four digit number that we use to authenticate you over the phone whenever we need to take action on your account.


SiteHost takes security seriously. When you contact SiteHost for any reason regarding your account, we will require a phone support PIN that is generated to verify you over the phone. This helps us prevent phishing attacks on your account and fraudulent calls impersonating you.

How It Works

When you call SiteHost, a team member will ask for your phone support PIN.

To locate your phone support PIN:

  1. Log into the SiteHost Control Panel with the account you are calling about.
  2. Click Phone PIN at the top of the header.
  3. Read your phone support PIN (the green text) to us.
  4. The phone support PIN is valid for 5 minutes after requesting one. If it expires, click again, and a new code will be generated. Do not disclose your phone support PIN to anyone else.

Support PIN

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