DNS Records


DNS Records

Last updated November 13th, 2017

DNS Records are the main contents of a DNS Zone file and are used to map domains to IP addresses and hosts. There are different types of DNS Records supported by the SiteHost Control Panel. These include:

  • A Record - Address Record. This assigns an IP address to a domain or sub-domain name.

  • AAAA Record - An IPv6 address record mapping a hostname to a 128-bit IPv6 address.

  • CNAME Record - Canonical Name record makes one domain name an alias of another. The aliased domain gets all the sub-domains and DNS records of the original. You should use a CNAME record whenever you want associate a new sub-domain to an already existing A record. This way you would only need to change the IP linked with an A record only once, and all CNAME's would then automatically update (as opposed to having to change the IP against multiple records).

  • MX Record - Mail eXchange record. This maps a domain name to a list of mail servers for that domain.

  • SRV Record - Service Locator. Used for newer protocols, instead of creating protocol-specific records such as MX.

    The format for SRV records to use in SiteHost Control Panel should be as follows (see Figure 2).

    _service._proto SRV weight port target.

    Note that priority is set by selecting an option on the drop-down list by the side of the text field. If you don't see the priorities list, make sure you hit "Save Changes" after selecting SRV as Record type.

  • TXT Record - A TXT record allows human or machine-readable text to be inserted into a DNS record.

Steps to manage the DNS Zone

Follow these steps to manage DNS Records for a specific Zone:

  1. Select the Zone to manage from the list of DNS zones.

  2. Ensure that "Manual DNS Settings" is selected - otherwise the DNS Records will be read-only. (see Figure 1)

  3. To dynamically add additional DNS records, hit "Add Record" button (below the DNS records). You can add as many as you like.

  4. Add/Update the DNS records, ensuring you select the correct Record type (A, CNAME, MX etc).

  5. Select "Save Changes" to confirm the changes to the zone file.

Note: For details on how long before DNS record changes take effect read the FAQ article Why aren't my DNS changes working yet?

Figure 1

DNS Zone

Figure 2

DNS Zone

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