Graphs and Statistics


Graphs and Statistics

Last updated February 10th, 2016

In some situations you may wish to monitor some of the key metrics of your containers such as CPU and Memory utilization or the amount of incoming or outgoing traffic.

From the container management page for a container, you will be able to access a selection of graphs by clicking on the 'Graphs' button to the right:

Graphs Button

The graphs will automatically update every minute, so there is no need to reload the page.

The default view will display the last hour of activity for a container. This can be adjusted using the dropdown list in the upper right corner of each graph.

Hovering over areas of a graph will display the exact values for each series. Dragging on a section of a graph will allow you to zoom in for a closer inspection of the selected area. To reset the zoom level, simply click the magnifying glass icon.


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