Configuring backups and initiating a manual backup


Configuring backups and initiating a manual backup

Last updated February 10th, 2016

All containers are initially setup to perform automatic backups each night. The current state for this will be displayed on the container management page:

Backups State

Disabling Backups

If for some reason you wish to disable backups, click on the "Backups" button to the right and then click the "Disable Backups" button in the Backups dialog:


Performing a Manual Backup

To perform a manual backup instantly, open the Backups dialog by clicking the "Backups" button shown above. In here, you will find a button label "Backup Now" which will initiate a manual backup upon being clicked.

Depending on the size of your container, it may take several minutes for your backup to complete.


Where are my backups stored?

The backups for a container are stored within the "backups" directory for the corresponding container. For more information on where to find this, please refer to our article on Where are my files, logs and backups stored?

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