Setting Mailbox Quotas


Setting Mailbox Quotas

Last updated November 4th, 2013

Please note that mailbox quotas are not currently being enforced but are planned to be in the near future.

A mailbox quota allows you to limit the amount of disk space that a mailbox account can occupy. Allocating a quota of 0 MB will impose no quota limit on a mailbox's storage space.

The quota allocation of a mailbox can be set when a new mailbox is created or at any time after the mailbox has already been created.

Viewing current mailbox quota usage

The current quota usage for a mailbox can be viewed in the main list of mailbox accounts alongside the quota allocated column. (See Figure 1)

It can also be viewed in a more visual representation when editing an existing mailbox. (See Figure 2)

Steps to set a quota for an existing mailbox

Follow the steps below to set a quota for an existing mailbox:

  1. Click on your mailbox name from the main list of mailbox accounts. (See Figure 1)

  2. Fill in the "Quota Allocated" field with the amount of space (in megabytes) that you wish to allocate. (See Figure 2)

  3. Click "Save changes" to update the account with the new quota.

Figure 1 Email Accounts List

Figure 2 Set Mailbox Quota

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