Domain Transfer


Domain Transfer

Last updated May 17th, 2013

Transferring a domain happens after an order for that domain is placed. New orders can be created by administrators for clients, or by clients themselves. If automatic registration is enabled, the domain will be transferred to SiteHost as soon as the invoice for the order is paid. If not, the domain will be transferred to SiteHost by an administrator following the process below.

Placing an order as an administrator

  1. Log into your WHMCS Administration area (e.g.:

  2. Select Orders > Add New Order (see Figure 1)

  3. Type the domain name into the "Domain" field in the "Product/Service" section, and select "Transfer" in the "Domain" section. Select a registration period, and any domain addons you would like to enable. Only DNS management is supported for sites managed by SiteHost. The registration period and the TLD must have been previously configured in the Domain Pricing section. Fill in the EPP code (or UDAI / Transfer secret / Auth code) (see Figure 2)

  4. Click "Submit Order"

Figure 1 Place Order

Figure 2 Transfer Domain

Placing an order as a client

  1. Log into the WHMCS system as a client (e.g.:

  2. Select Domains > Transfer Domains to Us and check if the domain is registered and available to be transfered. If it can be transfered select "Click to Continue >>"
    (see Figure 3)

  3. Enter the EPP code (also called UDAI, Transfer Secret, or Auth Code) and select "Update Cart", changing the nameservers if required. (see Figure 4)

  4. Ensure that the domain registrant details are correct (if not add a new contact). Add any additional information and select "Complete Order".

Figure 3 Place Order

Figure 4 Place Order

Manually transferring a domain to SiteHost

If automatic registration on payment is enabled for the domain and payment has been received (or the order is marked paid), the domain will automatically be transfered to SiteHost. Domains can also be manually transfered:

  1. Log into your WHMCS Administration area (e.g.:

  2. Select Clients > Domain Registrations and select the domain to be transfered. Alternatively you can select Orders > List All Orders and select the order that has the domain to be transfered, then select the domain that you want to transfer. (see Figure 5)

  3. If necessary Ensure that the "Registrar" field to "SiteHost", any required management tools are selected and select "Save Changes to enable the "Registrar Commands" (see Figure 6)

  4. Select "Transfer". (see Figure 7)

  5. If necessary change the default name servers. The EEP code will be filled out from when the order was placed, but if necessary it can be changed. Select "Yes" to complete the Transfer. (see Figure 8)

For further information WHMCS has instructions for Transferring Domains.

Figure 5 Register Domain

Figure 6 Register Domain

Figure 7 Register Domain

Figure 8 Register Domain

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