How do I view my website statistics?


How do I view my website statistics?

Last updated September 13th, 2010

Each website created using the SiteHost Control Panel will have website statistics enabled by default. SiteHost currently use AWStats to collate statistics for your website.

Accessing the Stats

To access your website statistics simply go to the "/stats" folder of your website. So for example if your website is then your stats subdirectory can be accessed at

Securing your Stats

By default your website statistics are secured, requiring users to enter a username and password to view the stats. A default user was created at the same time the Website was created.

The default username is "stats". The default password was shown onscreen when the Website was created. The password for user "stats" can be changed at any time.

To add or edit users who are allowed to access the statistics:

  1. Log into the SiteHost Control Panel
  2. Enter the "Websites" module
  3. Select the website
  4. Under "Website Options" on the top/right select "Statistics"
  5. In the bottom section click "Add" to enter new users or edit an existing user

If you delete all the users then the website statistics can be viewed by anybody - a login is no longer required.

Understanding AWStats

For a basic introduction to AWStats refer to the article "I need help understanding AWStats".

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