Can I transfer expired International domains?


Can I transfer expired International domains?

Last updated April 17th, 2018

Important: This is an endeavour to explain a non-standardised process. The thoughts conveyed outline how International domain transfers work for most registrars, but may not cover all.

If your domain-name is expired, you will likely need to renew it with your current provider before it can be transferred.

To initiate the domain transfer follow the process outlined in the article Transferring Domains to SiteHost.

International domains must be renewed for 12 months when transferred.

If you just renewed your expired domain with the current provider, and then immediately transfer it to SiteHost within a set period (eg 60 days), you will need to pay a transfer fee. In this specific instance the domain expiry will not be extended - the fee only covers the transfer. This differs from transfer of domains that have not expired, as the transfer fee will also add 12 months to the expiry date.

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