Introducing the Websites Module


Introducing the Websites Module

Last updated September 13th, 2010

A website is a mapping of website domains to the folder on your server that contains the website files. When a visitor types in your website domain the Web Server then knows to bring up the content from that folder. The Control Panel also allows related functionality to be wrapped around the website - from website stats, to FTP users, to cron entries and SSL certificates.

The Websites module enables the following functionality:

  1. Create Website
  2. Manage Website Aliases
  3. Redirect a Website
  4. Delete Website
  5. Creating SSL Certificates
  6. Importing Existing SSL Certificates
  7. Using SSL Certificates with your Website
  8. Deleting SSL Certificates
  9. FTP Access to a Website Directory
  10. Scheduling Cron Jobs
  11. Accessing Website Statistics

Start: Creating Websites →

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