Last updated July 20th, 2012

The term WHOIS commonly refers to an electronic tool used to query the details of a specific domain name in the register. Typically WHOIS queries are subject to terms that forbid the use of multiple queries to download part, or all, of the register for a targeted contact campaign or any other purpose.

SiteHost allows users to perform a WHOIS query on the domains managed by the SiteHost Control Panel. You can also use it to perform a WHOIS on other domains if required.

Steps to perfom a WHOIS lookup.

To perform a WHOIS lookup on a domain:

  1. You can click the 'WHOIS' link next to the domain you want to lookup (see Figure 1), which will directly perform the WHOIS lookup on the domain

  2. OR Click on the WHOIS button on the top row of buttons & fill in the domain you want to lookup. (see Figure 2)

Figure 1


Figure 2


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