Creating a Domain Contact


Creating a Domain Contact

Last updated July 20th, 2012

Once a new contact has been created it can be linked with a domain as part of the Domain Registration process. Note: Contacts can also be created at the time of domain registration.

Steps to create a domain contact

Follow these steps to create a domain contact:

  1. Select the "Domain Contacts" module from the menu on the left.

  2. Click the "+ Add" button above the list of current contacts, or the "+ Add Contact" in the top row of buttons. (see Figure 1)

  3. Fill in the contact details. (see Figure 2)

    Important: The "Contact name" field should be set to the legal entity that will "own" the domain. This is often a business name, but can be a persons name. Once a domain has been registered with this contact the "Contact name" becomes the official "Registrant name" for the domain. You cannot change the Registrant name without printing out and completing an official form and waiting for it to be processed.

  4. Click the "Create Contact" button to confirm. (see Figure 2)

Figure 1

Domain Contact

Figure 2

Domain Contact

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