Add Bandwidth alert


Add Bandwidth alert

Last updated August 26th, 2010

Bandwidth Alerts can let you know if an IP address is using more bandwidth than you expect it to. If you get a sudden spike in bandwidth usage, it may be a good indicator to look into what is using the bandwidth to make sure nothing unintended is happening on your server.

Step by Step

Follow the steps below to add a bandwidth alert:

  1. Click the "+ Create alert" button located in the top right area of the page

  2. Select an individual IP address or opt to "Use all my IP addresses" to receive alerts for all your IP address traffic combined (If you wish to know which IP is using the traffic, you should create an alert for each IP address).

  3. Specify the upper limit to alert if bandwidth goes over

  4. Select the time period for the bandwidth limit (eg 1Gb per day)

  5. Select a contact group to receive the alerts

  6. Click "Create alert"

You can create as many alerts as you would like.

Figure 1

Add Alert

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