How do I use a custom image that I have created?


How do I use a custom image that I have created?

Last updated November 28th, 2016

Using a custom image is exactly the same as creating a container with a standard image, with some extra options.

  1. When creating a new container, to use your custom image select the 'Custom' tab and then choose which custom image you would like to use.

    The 'Container Name' can either be a FQDN or a string.

    Only custom images that have successfully been built can be used when deploying a container.

    Custom Image

  2. On the next page you can add SSH/SFTP access just like with a standard image.

  3. If you need to expose or publish any extra ports, you can do this in the 'Ports' section.


  4. If you need to add any extra environment variables or override one that was defined in the manifest.yml, you can do this in the 'Environment Variables' section.

    Environment Variables

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